Thursday, February 10, 2011

Previously Released Thursday

It's time to revisit some of Michelle's previously released images.  I've been looking through our design team's photo albums and picking out some beautiful cards for you. 

Claire featuring the Amore Fairy
Andrea featuring the Fairy Bridesmaid
Marion featuring Candy
Melissa featuring Beary Merry Christmas
Tammy featuring Woofie In The Snow

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these beautiful cards today using previously released Michelle Perkett Studio images.  I've included a link in each image name so you can find them easily at Michelle's Etsy store.

Please don't forget out latest challenge you have a few more days!


  1. What a fun to see all these cards passing by again. Jan, thanks for this wonderful post!
    girls... your work is awesome!

  2. Awwhh, I love these, they are as beautiful now as they were when we first saw them!:) Thank you Jan and all the mega talented mermaids!:)