Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spotlight Saturday Sale!

Spotlight Saturday Sale!

Oh Christmas is coming closer.... We are counting the days here... and tomorrow we are going to decorate the house. But it's not my story that is going to be told here.
Today Shelley is sharing her Christmas Family Traditions:

I have a special decoration that my Grandma gave me when I was very young. It is just a Elf made out of felt, but I have put it out every Christmas since I was probably five. Just recently has people told me that they think it is creepy, but I just don't see it. lol We also have a Elvis ornament that was my mom's now it hangs on our tree. I just wouldn't feel right to leave him off the tree. We also have Elvis Christmas music playing while we decorate. 

I have told my nephews that I am an honorary elf that gets to check on kids for Santa. I even made up a ID card to prove it to them. Not that I think they have really fallen for it, they go along with it just in case. I send them all a letter from Santa each year. It is so fun to see there reaction when Santa knows something bad they have done.

On Christmas eve my family gets together for dinner, we let the kids open up a toy. My parents started this when we were all young, the gift we always got to open was our new pajamas and robe! But now a days we let them open a toy.  Even though my son is now 19 he still wants to open up at least one gift, they rest have to be saved until morning when Santa arrives. Then we watch a Christmas Story and laugh hysterically.

My son still puts out a plate of cookies & cup of milk for Santa, just to make me happy! And of course Santa still leaves him a letter. I don't think that will ever stop.

Shelley, I want to thank you for making the time to tell us this and show an inside look in your life!
I hope you all like what she told you and you leave her a comment below here.
And next to that we have a great Sale this week again.
Here is the inspirational work of the teams:
This lovely card with Alice is made by Marilyn!

This yummy cup of tea is made by Tammy!

And Mari made this beautiful card for you all!
And Claire made this beauty for a lovely birthday!

Please don't forget to tell Shelley and the team that you appreciate what they do and tell us some of your family stories! We love to read them!
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  1. Shelley, thanks for sharing, that is by no means creepy, it is so sweet !! The cookies and milk were also a fav with us, and a big show was made of Santa arriving, bells ringing and them my son ran out the back ( we told him Santa's there ) , comes back , nothing seen, hehehe , but some of the cookies and milk were gone..........LOL , he was amazed for a few years untill he realized the truth , but still kept playing, was so much fun !!
    This is what memories are made of !!!

  2. Hi Shelley,
    What a beautiful story of christmas traditions. Your elf sounds like my husbands ornament! I love the idea of being an honourary elf, and sending a letter to your nephews.
    Beautiful cards ladies!
    hugs Marilyn

  3. Hey Shelley!

    Love your story! Keep putting up those ornaments. It's the sentimental history that I love. Loved your story about being an elf and sending out letters too. Too many kids rush through the holiday and don't stop to enjoy it. I'm glad that you help your family to do that. Keep up the Christmas Spirit Sweetie!

    Hugs - Jen

  4. Hi Shelley...

    I love your holiday tradition story. I truly love this time of year and the fact that we each have such unique traditions that we hold dear. Hope your Christmas is a beautiful one.

  5. What a fun post this week Marion! I love it! Shelley, that is so cute that you tell your nephews you are an honorary elf and have a card, too!! I think you have the wonderful traditions with your family! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    Ladies, your Alice cards are just gorgeous!! So lovely all in blue!! Thank you all so much for your beautiful inspiration and thank you to Marion for another fun Spotlight Saturday!

  6. What great traditions Shelley! I LOVE what everyone has done with Alice, she's a cutie!

  7. that's so much ladies! I love the holidays!!