Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spotlight Saturday Sale!

Spotlight Saturday!

Goodmorning ladies!!! How did the New Year start for you all??
Over here in the Netherlands things are back to normal. DS back to school, DD back to work...
and me.... doing my daily thing every day again.

Funny thing is that I always look forward towards holiday time... but by the time it comes to it's
end I'm always sooooo ready for the daily life and structure that comes with it. And of course I have my goals set like I do every year. Loose wait... ande more of those things that I forget as soon as February arrives (giggle)

How is that for you all? Please tell us about it in the comment section? I would love to know 
how that is for you!

Now on this saturday we have another lovely image on sale!

This week it's Wishing Star Angel... after all we all have our wishes for this New Year!


And this week Claire made this stunning example for you all!

Andrea made her in so gorguous in this style!

And Marilyn made her this stunning way!

I can't wait to read all your stories about your wishes for the New Year and your getting back to daily life!

Sending you love


  1. What a beautiful post Marion, I love this! Claire your Wishing Star Angel card is gorgeous! I love all the blue and your pretty gold stars and ribbon!

    My wishes and goals are also to loose weight, Marion. So I'm hoping to make that one a reality soon!

    Thank you for another wonderful Spotlight Saturday post!:)

  2. Love this card Claire! I really want to index all of my rubber and acrylic stamps!

  3. Hi ladies! Beautiful card. I gave up on making resolutions a couple years ago. It was always lose weight and stop smoking and I never seemed to accomplish either! LOL So now I just try to be a better person than I was the prior year. Do more for others and try to stay positive. Most days I accomplish it. Looking forward to a great year with ya'll!

  4. Thanks for sharing your goals Michelle, Claire and Ms. Jen! I loved reading them!

  5. Hi,
    Beautiful cards Claire, and Andrea! My resolutions is to not make them, they never seem to But if I did it would always be lose weight, exercise more, and try and get out to see the kids more.
    hugs Marilyn

  6. Andrea and Marilyn your Wishing Star Angel cards are amazing as well! Thank you all for your creativity and for sharing your resolutions with us!:)