Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spotlight Saturday!

Spotlight Saturday again!

Today is another saturday. This week me and the kids made some changes in the livingroom.
We placed the couch different and made the room ready for being more inside the house.
The weather is a bit moody now and then so we spent more time inside. 
Now that is not a bad thing cause that gives me more time to be creative. 
And I love to light a candle in the evening when it's dark sooner.

Do you girls make changes in your home at the end of the summer? Do you have things that you stash away till next summer and other stuff that comes out in this time of the year?
Please share it with us. We would love to know this and get some ideas from you!

Talking about candle's. I wanted to show you this perfect project that is made by 

Camille candle jar

She made this stunning Jar with Mermaid Camille on it.

You can find her HERE in the store.
She inked the candle jar with Alcohol ink and colored Camille so perfectly and added 
her to the jar. Imagine that there is a little candle in there that shines it's light around and that the shades of Camille are playing on the table...

I love how creative Claire is. You should give her blog a look and leave her a lovely comment!

Now I promised you girls from the groups that I would give another little hint about the secret word.
First hint was: It's a school's subject
Second hint is: I love it that we are all over the world at one group!

Oh and don't forget that we still have a Blog Hop Challenge going on 
till monday 5:00 PM MST.
so you have still time left to get creative and join us!

Thanks for looking and leaving a lovely comment.


  1. Claire your candle jar is stunning! I'd love to learn how to make one of those ;)

  2. Oh this jar is gorgeous. I just love to see all the fabulous creations. TFS.

  3. The candle jar is gorgeous, Claire!!
    Shelley xx

  4. Hi thanks ladies pleased you like it :-)
    Claire xx

  5. Claire this is awesome! I LOVE the colors!

  6. Oh, Claire your candle jar with Camille is just gorgeous! I love all the colors and the beads at the top!!:)

    I love lighting candles, too, Marion! I have always wanted a "sketching" chair and dont have the ideal chair as yet but last week I moved my bedroom around so I have more room for one!:) Cant wait for the weather to get cooler so I can light all my candles again!

    Thank you for another great post!!:)

  7. Claire your jar looks even better in this picture with the light behind it, lovely :)