Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spotlight Saturday!

Oh boy.... is it already Saturday again??? Girl I'm telling you.... I can't keep up with how time is flying....

So here I'm (Marion) again... what to write about this week... little empty in the head... So much going on in my personal life here... not going in details here... but I'm in the middle of some serious health issues...

And for this time I have a blank head and feeling for coloring and making cards... So I hope you will forgive me for keeping this a very short story today... and just show you some of the fantastic cards that the team made for you all!

I start with a card that I made for a team member to give her strength... and every time when I look at the image Angel of Hope I feel the hope and strength from it. So this one I made is also for me now.

This card is made by Jenn... and for me it stands for the girls in this DT Team... we stand together in good and in bad times! The image is called Best Friends.

This card is made by Elenor and for me it resembles my mom and me... she is trying to help me with all the fear and sadness that I have right now.... This Mermon Mom is caring for her child!

Irene made a beautiful card with the new stamp Hannah and I hope that I will be like that in a while and can see to the future without fear.

And there are so many more cards made with wonderful and caring image from Michelle that can mean a lot more to someone than you can imagine.
Allthough I didn't use a card from every team member... I want to tell them... each has a meaning for me! 
Thanks for being such a warm and caring family to each other!

I wish you all a great and wonderful weekend.

With all my love


  1. Sending you a giant hug, Marion. xoxo

  2. Hugs! Thinking of you Marion. And great cards everyone!

  3. Oh, Marion, this is such a beautiful post, we are all keeping you in our prayers that you will find some peace in your life soon. We love you! Thank you for such a lovely post and to all the lovely mermaid creations this week!

  4. Big hugs from me too Marion. This post brought a tear to my eye, we love you too :-)
    Gorgeous cards everyone
    Claire xx

  5. I love the Angel of Hope too Marion. My healing thoughts are with you! Beautiful cards ladies!

  6. Marion, I hope things all get 100% better soon - {{HUG}}

    Fab inspiration - they are all beautiful makes!

  7. Beautiful cards ladies! All of them. Marion you are in my prayers!