Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spotlight Saturday!

Spotlight Saturday with PCP Party!

This weeks spotlight is going to be all about celebrations and having parties!

Last wednesday my DS turned 17 years young. (And yes for a slight moment I felt old)
And I think that I told before that he is doing an education to become a baker and pastry maker.
He is doing an internship at a famous baker/pastry maker is the big city near to our town.

And on his birthday they gave him the chance to make his very own birthday cake all by himself. So he went to work and did it!!!
And that cake was so beautiful!! He got compliments from the masterchief and they all told him that he is very talented and that he has a great future ahead of him in this line of work.

And when he came how with this cake... Girls... he was glowing from pride and happiness...
Although it has been a bumpy ride for the both of us... I was so proud and happy to see
that he found his happiness in this again.

And the bad thing is... I totally forgot to make a photo of the cake...
(I know shame on me!!!!)
But it tasted sooooo goood!!!! 

And today there is another PARTY coming at our
This afternoon at 1PM Pacific Time the party will start there... and Michelle designed two brand new images for the winners over there.
I hope that you all will join us, bring lot's of fun and cheers with you!

Bella the Baker will be bringing cake and Sprout the Birthday Princess will be judging and picking the winners.
Baked You a Cake #2
Tammy and Bella baked you this beautiful cake for this afternoon.

Party Girl
Melissa groomed Sprout to make sure she looks fabulous this afternoon!

MP Cake
Claire will be bringing this beautiful cake for you girls.

Andrea and Bella also baked you some cookies that will be there in this lovely box

And I think that I will bring this cake with me so there will be enough to eat while we're having fun.

Girls... I hope you all come over to our group at Paper Craft Planet at 1 PM Pacific time and join the fun.
See you all there!

Thanks for looking and leaving a lovely comment!


  1. Woohoo, I'll be there!! Congrats to your son Marion!

  2. Aww too bad your forgot the pic. Congrats on everything your son is accomplishing though. That's fantastic.

  3. I should be able to make it. Yay!!

  4. Wow Marion, you must be so proud of your son!! See you at the party, its bound to be a good one with all that cake :-)
    Claire xx

  5. Oh, Marion, this is such a fun Spotlight Saturday post as always! I love reading your stories! Happy Birthday to your son!

    Thank you Tammy, Melissa, Claire, Andrea and Marion for all of your lovely birthday cards!! I cant wait for our party!!:)

  6. These are wonderful cards everyone. Just love them.

  7. Wow, I so love the cards! They are so fabulous!! You did a wonderful job, Mermaids!!

  8. Marion you must be a very proud of your son!