Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spotlight Saturday!

Spotlight Saturday!

Wow another week has gone by and before I knew it the weekend is here.
I love weekends... it's gives me the feeling that all the time is mine.

Today I have to make tough choices... let me tell you a bit about them...
I live in the Netherlands and our weather is not so steady and since it's October already I was prepared for rain and storms and leaves all over the streets.
We had this kind of weather already in September... not a pleasant way to say goodby to summer.
But today it's so sunny and bright and warm. I could sit in bikini on my balcony!!!
How strange is that??? And now my though decision making...
What will I do... will I stay inside and color on the beautiful images from Michelle that are in her STORE or will I go outside and enjoy the weather... looking at the trees and see how their leaves turn into such a magnificent colors.
Well... I think that I even go to the beach... and see how summer is ending there... how the beach house will be pulled apart... and who knows... perhaps I can see a Mermaid in the sea that comes to say by till next summer!

And Michelle has so many magnificent mermaids... I think that it would be great to bring them under your attention again.
So here they are... all made by our fabulous teams of mermaids:

MP White on white
Serena, just Breathe mermaid is colored by Claire.

Camille the Mermaid is colored by Marion

Eva the Glam mermaid is colored by Melissa

and Tammy colored these Best Friends forever!

Now I hope that you all like them as much a s I do....
So I hope that you all join this weeks challenge with some lovely mermaids!

Oh and stay tuned and be back next Weekend!!!
Then there will be a fabulous
If you want to join us please go HERE and enter your name and blog!

Oh and almost forgot to say... don't forget our fabulous challenge over HERE!

Thanks for reading and leaving me a lovely comment.


  1. Go to the beach or just outside! You can color when it's icky again. Thanks for posting these lovelies.

  2. Oh that's a hard choice! Get a little sun first and then start coloring!!
    Hugs, Tammy

  3. Love the mermaid creations today, they are beautiful! I hope you went to the beach Marion!

  4. Marion, I hope you went to the beach to look for mermaids and enjoyed the sunshine today!:) As much as I am looking forward to the cooler weather its nice to see all the summer mermaids here!! Such a lovely collection of them! Thank you Marion for another fun Saturday Spotlight and to all of you girls for sharing your gorgeous creations with us!!:)

  5. I love the mermaids and all the cards you've shown here. SO beautiful! I didn't go to the beach Marion either, but I did have fun stamping and doing some coloring. :)

  6. All of the "Spotlight" creations are fantastic and colored so wonderfully. It's also really nice to see such a variety of colors and style in each of the mermaids!

    Thanks for sharing and HOPE you had a nice day at the BEACH! I'm a huge fan of the beach and totally LOVE it!!