Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spotlight Saturday!

Spotlight Saturday!
A tribute to our beloved Pets!

Today this spotlight Saturday is going to be short and about pets.
Why?  Well one of my dearest kittens is very ill. 
We had to seperate him from his little sister and had to add him into a big rabbit bench.
That was so hard to do! But if not... I would have lots and lots more trouble.

Brother and Sister, Flip and Floor.

And this made me realise how dear my Cat Friends are to me. And that they are like children to me. They bring me so much joy and sometimes sorrow and pain.

I'm curious about your pets in your life! I want to ask you to tell us about them. Please show them to us and tell about them... how they play, how the act and react on things, there favorite things to play with... etc.
You can do this in the comment down below or on your blog and leave a link in the comment down under.

And today I would love to show card with pets on it.


School Daisy is reading to her cat!
Andrea colored this Card of a boy reading to his dog!

Cowabunga 9/7
And even cows are pets to some people! Tammy made with lovely card!

Hugs before school 24-8

And dogs are so so hugable to our kids. This card is made by Marion!

I hope to see and read all your stories about the love for your animals.

Thanks for reading and leaving your story!


  1. Oh Marion, I hope it works out and your kitten gets better! I'm a cat person for sure. I usually have 2 at a time, orange and black. Not sure why it works out that way! I adopt them from my vet who rescues them from the local communities where they run wild. My 2 now are Cheddar and Lewis which you can probably guess which is which for the color :). They are very very special to me. I just recently tried a pet sitter to come to the house when my DB and I were away for a week and it worked out so much better for them. :) Happy cats!

  2. Hi Andrea, Thanks for sharing this with me. I love the names for your cats! They are great!!!! what an idea to call one cheddar! giggle
    I never tried a catsitter for my cats. My parents take care of them if I'm gone (and that is seldom)

  3. Aww, I hope it all works out. That's so sad. I recently rescued a little kitty. At first I just watned to get her out of where she was and now she's a part of the family and full of life and character. We named her "Puss". You should hear me calling her in at night! LOL I am truly a dog lover and at one time had 5. We're down to two now. My beloved Rufis, chocolate lab/hound. He's 8 and has traveled across the US with us. And my little guy "Buddy". Rufis is his daddy and our little beagle was his mamma. We called the pups "Beagledors" Half lab/half beagle. His brother lives next door and comes over every morning knockin to be let in to play. Since I'm home they are my company and bring me so much love and joy. I was crushed when I lost my border collie. I'd had her 10 years. It's amazing how fast we grow attached and fall in love. I'll say a prayer for your little Flip. What a cute name!

  4. I hope your kitten is feeling better soon. I have a dachshund named Lady and 2 cats, Coyote and Miss Kitty. They are so fun to watch as they play and to snuggle.

  5. Oh, I'm praying for your little guy, they are family, they just have fur! We just rescued a kitten from Animal Control. An officer found him at about 4 months of age, about 1 month ago. Our vet thinks he is actually 6 months at least based on teeth. His growth is stunted, he is skin and bones,literally. His name is Monster, my daughter wanted to keep that name. He started out very mellow 1 1/2 weeks ago. Well antibiotics and food have turned him into a 'monster' for sure!! He is actually putting weight on, and becoming a very frisky kitten. Probably the best he has felt in his entire little life. Our 9 year old dog is not thrilled with him yet. She tolerates him.

  6. Oh, Marion, I am praying for your dear little Flip to recover soon! They are our little babies and so dear to us arent they?:)

    Thank you for such a lovely post and thank you to all of the lovely cards with animals ladies! And thank you all for sharing your stories about your beloved pets with us!:)

    You know this touches all of our hearts, especially mine, since I have a petsitting business and work with animals everyday. I get extremely attached to them all and feel that they are partly my pets too!:)

    One of my clients just lost their 8 yr old Boxer and my favorite little boy. Last year my most special doggie friend of all, a beautiful Golden Retriever named Spring, (the perfect name for her!:)) passed at the age of 15. When it is their time to go to heaven it is never easy but think how lucky we are to have had all that love that gave to us unconditionally!:) Thank you all for sharing and thank you to Marion for another wonderful Saturday Spotlight!!:)

  7. Marion,
    I so appreciate you may know I lots my Missy, 1 day shy of her 8th birday to cancer. I still cry over her. But my little "Queen" Rosie (all t pouds of her and Missy's daughter, Kyla (7) keep me beeling blessed. Prayerss are heaven bound for you baby!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I have 5 cats and one dog. Only one of the cats did I adopt. The rest have shown up at our door over the years. My avatar is a pic of Chocolate looking through the scroll arm of our park bench. She was the color of milk chocolate and just as sweet. She passed last Christmas, at the age of 17 of lymphoma.

    The next month, we officially adopted the neighbors cat, who had been hanging around our house. He had been in a fight and his eye was damaged, so I took him to the Vet. After talking with the neighbors, they had taken in their grandson, who was allergic to cats, so they were thrilled that I wanted him.
    His name is Cowboy because he is white with black spots and look like a holstein cow.

    Ella was a stray with part of her tail missing and breaks in 2 places. Oh, and she was very pregnant. She is black and very vocal so we named her Ella Fitzgerald. SHe had 4 kittnes, we found homes for 3 and decided to keep the last one. He has a Spec of white on his chest, so my husband named him Spec. Ella, by the way, was in the hospital for a week with pancreatitis.She is quite well now.

    Long white hair cat named Fluff, and a black and white cat named Zoe named after the antidepressant Zoloft. I was having health issues when we adopted her, and she lifted my spirits.

    I understand your love for your cats, and will say a prayer for both of you.

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to talk about may fur family

  9. Girls, I want to thank you all for you lovely words and fantastic stories about your fur babies! I loved to read all about them and I want to thank you all for your prayers for our flip.

  10. Thanks for all the great pet stories.... I sincerely hope that your kitten is doing better... The picture is so sweet!

    I don't currently have any pets... It wouldn't be fair to them at this point in time since hubby and I do so much mandatory travelling. I grew up with English Springers, and my Maggie and Casey will always have a special place in my heart.