Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spotlight Saturday!

I'm cheating a little bit with this post....

I've made this one a bit sooner... wanted to work ahead... don't ask me why... I just feel that...
So here is my post.
Every time I think of what will I write about this saturday. What will I share with you from my personal life and feelings, hoping that you like it and don't mind me being so personal.

Well today I want to share a bit of me again. Some of our mermaids have such a great place to leave all the cards that they make. 
just two that came by and I was touched by this. Because I have 3 boxed filled with cards and they are just doing nothing there. Now and then I sell one or sent one to someone... but most of them stay in their boxes.
So I decided to find organisations in my country to sent my cards to... well.. big disappointment... but I can't find any!!! How strange is this? I googled and surfed the internet.. but none.
Now what I began to wonder is.... what are you all doing with all those cards that you make.
Can you share more organisations with us who are in need for our cards? 
Just somewhere on this planet... there must be more of those?? Right?

Well share them with us in our comment section please... and if you are just like me.. having boxes filled with cards... please donate them to a good cause and make some people happy with them!

Lot's of writing this week... almost took all the place that I want to use for sharing some more cards. Because don't forget, this week we have this fabulous challenge with the theme to Thank your Mom!

Here is some more inspiration for you all from our talented mermaids:





I hope that you all respond to my post today and that I can hop by your blogs to thank you again and that we can have a bigger list with organisations that need cards!
Thanks a million girls!
With Love


  1. Hi Marion,
    I LOVE today's post! and I have a suggestion for you. This past Christmas I called my local nursing home, and asked if there were residents there that did not receive visitors or mail. The Social Worker responded "Yes."
    So I asked if I could drop off some of my handmade cards, and she said, "Absolutely YES!!"
    SO check your local retirement center, rehab facility or hospital.

    I also send to Card Cupids who send card cuddle packages to children in the hospital, or going thru chemo/radiation treatments.

    "Everytime you send a handmade card, an Angel gets it's Wings"

  2. Good stuff! You know, CardMaker magazine has a monthly feature that gives a charity you can send cards to, as well. I love this feature - some of the organizations I remember and that I've sent cards to include "Gray Matters" at and "Aid for Friends" at
    ChemoAngels is very dear to my heart, and the woman who runs it (Laura) is a close friend of mine. Thank you for giving them a shout-out on here. xoxoxoxoxo :)

  3. Gorgeous cards.
    I also send cards to OWH and I also send cards to Cards for Kids sending uplifting greetings to kids (and their families) who are fighting many different ailments.

  4. Marion, what a wonderful post today, I love OWH and Chemo Angels and all that they stand for, both such amazing organizations! Thank you for letting us all know about these charities and thank you to all of the other ladies for adding your charity links as well and for Karen's suggestion to visit your local nursing homes, what a great idea!

    And thank you to our lovely DT Mermaids for your beautiful creations! They are stunning as always!!:) Thank you Marion for another amazing Spotlight Saturday post!