Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hi girls,

Did you miss me last week??? I sure hope so.... (giggle)

I was on a struggle with myself in making some difficult decisions... and totally forgot to make
you a lovely post on Saturday! I'm so so sorry for that!

But I'm back on track... cut the rope that was chocking me...
and let me tell you the relief is huge!!! I'm feeling free and happy again.

Do you reconize this kind of struggle? Jumping from one thought to the other... scared to make the right decision? 
Would you dare to share that with me and my lovely teamgirls?
I would love to read about your tough decisions and know then that I'm not alone in this!

Ok.. let me also bring a little more cheer to the post.....
This weeks challenge is all about colorchoice... Brown and Blue!!! And the team made fantastic cards with this color combo!
and the great thing is that the other team mermaids also made cards for this challenge team...
and I would love to show them to you too!




Thanks for reading and "listening" to me and also for sharing your stories with us!
Warm Hugs


  1. Thank you for a lovely post, Marion, and for sharing with us, I'm glad you have made the right decision for you and that you are happy about it. I think going with your instict is the best way to make descisions because you can never go wrong that way!

    Gorgeous cards this week ladies and what a fun challenge, I love our entries so far!:) Thank you!!

  2. Of course you were missed Marion! Glad that you figured things out for yourself and you are happy with the decision.

    Ladies, you have outdone yourselves...your creations are marvelous.

  3. You know I missed you Marion!

    My tough decisions are which Michelle Perkett image to play with today. hmmmmmmm

    My other tough decisions have to do with dieting. Do I sucumb to desire, or fight through it for a thinner me....I could go for a cookie dough blizzard from DQ right now...

  4. Yup, Marion, we all go through it - you are definitely not alone, my friend. Glad you are feeling better - sending you a hug.